A country is founded on its talents and an enterprise is strong on its talents. The development of an enterprise requires strong human resources as a guarantee.

"Tang Electronics" values talents by "valuing quality, valuing ability, and seeking practical results." Human resources are the most important strategic resource of "Tang Electronics". We focus on improving the quality of talents and developing their potential, while focusing on building a reserve talent team. Through the reasonable and orderly flow of talent resources, we will continuously optimize the employee team structure and fully meet the company's near, medium and long-term strategic development needs; help employees design their careers through the "employee career development channel" and provide them with "dual channels" of development. Paths provide more development opportunities for all types of talents. By establishing a scientific performance appraisal and reward and punishment mechanism, the company encourages the advanced and spurs the underachievers, and promotes batches of loyal, hard-working, competent and capable people to appropriate positions, providing strong talent support and intelligence for the realization of the company's strategic goals. Support, while the company is developing rapidly, it also provides talents with greater space to display their talents.

Talents with both ability and political integrity are welcome to join "Tang Electronics".


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