Sales Engineer-Shenzhen


Minimum Education:

No limit

Number of Recruits:


Experience requirements:

1-3 Years

Job Responsibilities

1. Responsible for product sales tasks in the area under your jurisdiction, responsible for the sales of electronic component products (crystal oscillators, ICs, sensors, relays, batteries);

2. Responsible for the planning and execution of sales activities within the sales area and completing sales targets;

3. Open up new markets, develop new customers, and increase product sales scope;

4. Maintain and enhance existing customer relationships;

5. Complete some technical support work and conduct technical exchanges with customers;

6. Responsible for collecting market and industry information and deepening understanding.



1. Full-time unified recruitment college degree or above, science and engineering related majors;

2. More than 2 years of sales experience, those with electronic component sales experience are preferred;

3. Be familiar with the product market of the industry, have corresponding product sales experience, and understand the mainstream industry technology;

4. Have strong customer communication skills and high business processing capabilities, and have good teamwork spirit;

5. Strong learning ability and a spirit of challenge;

6. Be able to adapt to frequent business trips and have a certain ability to withstand stress.



The company implements a "platform + individual" sales model.

The company's platform is very good. Compared with its peers, it is very competitive and distinctive.

1. Tanghui Electronics has been deeply involved in the crystal oscillator industry for more than 10 years. It is very professional and recognized by the industry;

2. Tanghui Electronics is a first-level regular agent for Epson in Japan, a first-level regular agent for Beiling, a first-level regular agent for Taiwan Land and Sea, and a first-level agent for Panasonic;

3. The company invests in 4-7 exhibitions every year, namely: Munich Electronics Show, one each in Shanghai and Shenzhen, China Electronics Exhibition in Chengdu; one each in the first half and second half of the Electric Meter Exhibition; 1-3 other exhibitions field;

4. The company has a ready-made customer list to assign to newcomers who perform well;

5. The company has ready-made clients that are currently being traded and assigned to newcomers who perform well, are diligent and hard-working, have a strong desire to compete and meet the job requirements;

6. The company has a ready-made sales guidance system and sales management documents, weekly report format and customer visit records;

7. The company's interpersonal relationships are simple, and salespeople actively declare commissions in accordance with the company's commission system in a fair, open and impartial atmosphere; the company's commission system is fair and just. The commission system is attached.

8. The company holds a sharing meeting at 5:00 every day. Give you the opportunity to discover the strengths of your colleagues, learn from them, and help you grow.

Working address: Room 806, Building B, Fuhai Cultural and Creative Park, No. 6095 Baoan Avenue, Baoan District, Shenzhen