Assistant to General Manager


Minimum Education:

Junior college

Number of Recruits:


Experience requirements:

3-5 Years

Job Responsibilities:
1. Under the leadership of the general manager, be responsible for clearing blockages in all aspects of the company's purchasing, sales, and storage, and ensuring that sales work proceeds smoothly on the track established by the company;
2. Organize the supply chain management department to develop original factory channels according to the company's needs, increase relevant product lines, and maintain existing original factory relationships;
3. Check the work of the supply chain management department and marketing and sales department on a daily basis, and resolve customer complaints and other problems encountered in the operation process;
4. Pay attention to daily inventory status, control sluggish materials, and reduce the occupation of inventory funds;
5. Manage and control the account period, follow up on overdue payments, assist the general manager to solve L/C problems, and reduce in-transit capital investment;
6. Responsible for leading the work of sales assistants and sales back-office staff, and solving difficult and complicated problems encountered by sales engineers;
7. Responsible for the review and management of sales contracts;
8. Find and evaluate the reasons for customer loss, objectively analyze and submit them to the marketing and sales department for secondary development;
9. Assist the general manager in handling customer orders, model selection, delivery, and payment collection issues;
10. Complete other temporary tasks assigned by the general manager.

Job requirements:
Educational background: Marketing, electronics or related major, college degree or above.
Training direction: supply chain management, marketing management, financial management
Work experience: More than 5 years of supply chain and sales management experience, familiar with the electronics industry
Knowledge and skills: Solid marketing expertise, familiar with the electronic components business, strong leadership and organization, coordination, analytical judgment and communication skills; strong ability to solve practical problems, strong sense of responsibility and professionalism .
Personal qualities: Integrity, honesty, strong ability to withstand pressure; meticulous and conscientious work, strong sense of responsibility; friendly, good service awareness, and keeping company confidentiality.