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         The country is based on talent, and the enterprise is talented. The development of an enterprise requires strong human resources. People-oriented management is the prerequisite for the development of Tanghui Electronics. Tanghui Electronics "sees quality, emphasizes ability, and seeks practical results" for talents. As the most important strategic resource of Tanghui Electronics, we pay attention to the improvement of talent quality and the development of potential. At the same time, we focus on creating two backup talent teams of " management and marketing ". Through the rational and orderly flow of human resources, continuously optimize the structure of the employee team to fully meet the company's strategic development needs in the near, medium and long term; through the "employee career development channel" to help employees design careers and provide them with "dual channel" development This approach provides more development opportunities for all kinds of talents. By establishing a scientific performance appraisal, reward and punishment mechanism, the company encourages advanced and spurred advancement, promotes a batch of loyal, willing, capable, and capable people to suitable positions, providing strong talent protection and intelligence for the realization of the company's strategic goals Support, while the company is developing rapidly, also provides greater space for talents to display their talents.
     Shanghai Tanghui Electronics strives to build a world-class talent team with its never-ending spirit of innovation, and welcomes people of insight who have both integrity and ability to join Shanghai Tanghui Electronics Co., Ltd. The party branch of the Shanghai Ruitao Information Technology Co., Ltd. of the Communist Party of China can directly accept the party organization relationship. For outstanding talents, you can apply for the introduction of talents in Shanghai, the application for registration of outstanding fresh students in Shanghai, and the application for Shanghai residence permits, etc., in accordance with national regulations.
  Shanghai Tanghui Electronics has a perfect entrepreneurial team. The team members are from Shanghai Jiaotong University, Central South University, Shanghai Institute of Materials Research, Japan KDS Company, Taiwan Luhai Co., Ltd., Taiyu Electronics, Changyuan Weian, Tyco Electronics, etc. Have senior and rich experience in the workplace, technical marketing personnel, sales personnel, management personnel, government relationship maintenance personnel, engineering project personnel, each department and their respective duties, high-efficiency and organic cooperation operation! And received the love and support of the local government and leaders at all levels. Shanghai Tanghui electronic platform is gradually developing, the company is now in a period of rapid rise, and the development prospect is broad!
  If you have good character, real skills, determination, and dedication, this is a good choice. All employees of Shanghai Tanghui Electronics sincerely welcome you to join us!

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