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China Intelligent Instrument Design Competition

Contest industry background

According to the introduction of experts in China's instrumentation industry, the future development of China's instrumentation industry will show two major trends, one is to attach importance to technological innovation, fully achieve independent research and development of domestic instruments, and the other is to be intelligent. Although the development trend of the industry is good, there are also certain problems, mainly reflected in the independent research and development of high-end instruments in China still lags behind other developed countries. Based on this situation, independent research and development of high-end instruments in China is still the key point of the development of China's instrumentation industry In the future, for a long period of time, the use of technological innovation and independent research and development will be the most urgent task for the development of the industry.
Guided by the China Instrumentation Society and the Shanghai Academy of Sciences, the China Instrumentation Society Embedded Instrumentation and System Technology Branch, the Shanghai Instrumentation Society and the Shanghai Instrumentation Research Institute, together with the industrial alliance unit Shanghai Tanghui (Hanhe) Electronics A professional and innovative platform-China Intelligent Instrument Design Competition and the overall development of x-lab (post-contest space) and competition resources. The contest is held once a year and continues to be held. The competition is mainly for enterprise R & D personnel and students in the intelligent instrumentation industry. And the enthusiastic participation of many companies.

Contest purpose

•   Encourage the discovery of talents, establish a bridge of communication between R & D personnel and research institutes and enterprises, and form a perfect system for talent training and employment guidance

• Deepen the industry-university-research cooperation model, through competitions, to dig out excellent projects and ideas, and institute technical innovation and entrepreneurship guidance by research institutes and enterprises,

  Help them achieve industrialization. 
•   Through the contest, the R & D and design level of the intelligent instrumentation industry will be improved.

Official website of China Intelligent Instrument Design Competition:
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