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Growth process

In April 2005, Shanghai Tanghui Electronics Co., Ltd. was incorporated; "Datang glorious descendants", hence the name "Tanghui".
In August 2005, obtained the supplier qualification of "Datang Mobile" (TD-SCDMA, now "Lianxin Technology");
In August 2005, it was authorized by Taiwan "Luhai" (now Luhai Electronics) to sell "Luhai" PTC electronic components;
In December 2006, Ruicheng (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. was established, and a window company was established in Hong Kong, focusing on import and export;
In January 2007, began marketing "KDS Japan Great Vacuum Co., Ltd." crystal vibrator series products;
In May 2007, the Shenzhen Office of Shanghai Tanghui Electronics Co., Ltd. was officially established;
In July 2007, the company moved to 225 Xingzhong Road, Xidu Street, Fengxian District, Shanghai;
In September 2007, Shanghai Ruitao Information Technology Co., Ltd. was established to target the strategic layout of the Internet of Things industry;
In June 2008, Shenzhen Ruixiang Communication Technology Co., Ltd. was established;
In May 2010, Shanghai Tanghui Electronics Co., Ltd. passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification;
In May 2011, Shanghai Tanghui Electronics Co., Ltd. formally obtained the qualification of “Belling” IC full range of agent marketing;
In December 2012, formed an industry-university-research alliance with the Shanghai Institute of Instrumentation to jointly build the Instrumentation and Medical Electronics Division;
In September 2013, Shanghai Tanghui Electronics Co., Ltd. won the support of the Shanghai Science and Technology Commission Innovation Fund;
In October 2014, Shanghai Tanghui Electronics Co., Ltd. was rated as a high-tech enterprise in Shanghai;
In March 2015, Shanghai Hanhe Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. was established;
In April 2015, the China Intelligent Instrumentation Design Competition won the Embedded Instrumentation and System Technology Branch of the China Instrumentation Society,
  The Shanghai Academy of Sciences, Shanghai Institute of Instrumentation and Instrumentation and Shanghai Society of Instrumentation approved the approval;
In May 2015, "Tanghui Electronic Inspirational Scholarship" was established;
In August 2016, the Chinese Instrumentation Society-"Tanghui Electronics" Scholarship was established;
In January 2017, it was authorized by EPSON of Japan Epson to market the crystal of "Epson EPSON" brand.
From now on, our team will work harder and work hard, and firmly believe that we will do better!

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