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Winner of Tanghui Electronics-Epson Cup 3rd China Intelligent Instrument Design Competition


The 3rd "Tanghui Electronics-Epson" Cup

China Intelligent Instrument Design Competition

 List of winners

First prize

External clamp ultrasonic flowmeter for molten salt reactor Shanghai Automation Instrumentation Co., Ltd. Mao Xiaoming team

Miner's Smart Wearable Equipment China University of Mining and Technology Chen Peiyang Team

Smart wheelchair based on voice and visual control Lu Dong University Han Xiaofei team


second prize

Forklift Intelligent AGV System Based on TOF Depth Camera Shanghai University Luo Yu Team

Environmental parameter remote monitoring system Harbin University of Science and Technology Yang Fan team

Double pressure method temperature and humidity measurement verification device China University of Metrology Xu Xun team


Third prize

Scheme design of hybrid vehicle driven by energy recovery and renewable energy integration Shandong University of Science and Technology Qiu Guangkai team

Smart Fingerprint Bicycle Support Rod Lock Tarim University Luo Zeng Team

Based on ZigBee water quality testing Yang Rongjin team of Dalian University for Nationalities

Portable multi-function contact wire checker Qingdao University Wang Hao team

Portable Environmental Detector Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications Wang Chengchao Team


Most Industrialized Value Award

Sunshine Courier Army Artillery Air Defense Academy Song Baoqing Team

Multi-mode panoramic fusion intelligent assistant driving system Shanghai University Liu Chang


Best Innovation Award

Double-light ADAS system based on deep learning Li Zhuo Innovation (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd. Han Jie

Hose and multi-way joint connection automated assembly equipment Guangxi University Guo Shuaiyin team

Intelligent Agriculture Monitoring System Jiamusi University Li Huan Team



Underground Displacement Measuring Instrument Cheng Yifeng Team, China Jiliang University

Data Car Life Vehicle Pro Xiamen University Wang Jingxuan team

Development of New Soft Soil Settlement Instrument Yan Zizhuang Team, China Jiliang University

Portable wheel tread wear detector Qingdao University Cheng Tangcan team

Field intelligent plough depth detection equipment Northeast Agricultural University Wang Xiaoyu team

Design of high-station material supply device Inner Mongolia Vocational College of Chemical Industry Xu Biao team

A small CNC container winding machine based on PMAC and PLC Northeast Forestry University Liu Zhiwei team

Intelligent inspection system of solder joints under the Internet of Things platform Jilin University Xiaolele team

Based on MPPT algorithm photovoltaic power generation front-end control and detection system Xi'an University of Science and Technology Ren Yuchen team

Green Cutting Auxiliary System Liu Siyuan Team, School of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Xiamen University

Lower limb rehabilitation exoskeleton instrument Northeastern University Wang Chao team

Vision-based movement disorder analyzer Shanghai University Li Haichao team

Magnetorheological valve performance test system East China Jiaotong University Zheng Kaiyang

Wireless passive rotational speed measuring instrument

Automatic following car BASIS Indepedent Silicon Valley Yang Haoyang



The organizing committee of the contest thank you for your continuous support and love for the China Intelligent Instrument Design Competition, and sincerely invite you to participate in the award ceremony and the fourth opening ceremony of this contest in your busy schedule. The time and location are as follows:

Time : 14:00 , May 23, 2018

Location : Lecture Hall , 1st Floor, School of Microelectronics , Shanghai Jiaotong University, 800 Dongchuan Road , Minhang District 

    Please take the time to attend, thank you when you wish!

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