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Purchasing Information:

     Shanghai Tanghui Electronics Co., Ltd. has an annual purchase quota of more than tens of millions of yuan, which requires a large number of supplier partners to support it! We are committed to long-term partnership. The long-term integrity style of Tanghui Electronics Co., Ltd. has also enabled us to gain many such supplier friends. Today, with increasingly fierce market competition and rapidly changing market conditions, we need supplier partners to work closely with us so that our costs can be controlled at the most competitive level in a timely manner. In this complete chain of survival, only with honest cooperation, coexistence and common prosperity can each other get the strongest vitality. We strictly abide by professional ethics and firmly believe that quality and competitive price are our criteria for selecting suppliers, and only in this way can we bring real value and long-term benefits to both supply and demand.
   Our company currently purchases the following materials for a long time: various types and brands of electronic components, solar product accessories, hardware spare parts, packaging materials, office equipment, production equipment, etc. Welcome customers to negotiate business!

        Our procurement policy: fair and open, abide by the contract, cooperate in good faith, coexistence and common prosperity!

Procurement Management Center:

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