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Shanghai Tang Electronics Co., Ltd. was established in 2005, based on the Internet of Things and intelligent instrumentation industry, with a high-quality and complete industrial chain. The tentacles are related to: Internet of Things hardware, intelligent instruments (smart four meters of water, electricity and heat), medical instruments, industrial control instruments, fire safety monitoring, smart home, automotive electronics and other industries.
In the upstream of the industrial chain, with many years of cooperation with electronic component manufacturers, "Tanghui Electronics" has become an excellent cooperation between well-known component manufacturers such as EPSON of Japan, Shanghai Belling, MCU of Renesas Electronics, and Huada Semiconductor Partners, among them, 32.768KHz crystal oscillator, the sales volume has been far ahead.
In the middle of the industry chain, engineering and technical personnel, according to the market needs of different fields, through the integration of single chip MCU, external IC, crystal oscillator, resistance capacitance sense, final design and finalization, forming a very competitive product application reference program.
Downstream of the industrial chain, "Tanghui Electronics" and Shanghai Institute of Instrumentation and Investment jointly established "Shanghai Hanhe Electronic Technology Co., Ltd." Specializing in EMS, SMT, DIP, finished product assembly and other electronic module manufacturing services, it has accumulated rich experience in engineering management and production technology, cooperates with high-precision equipment and perfect automated test system, to provide customers with high reliability and high complexity And diversified products.
"Tanghui Electronics" is a high-tech enterprise in Shanghai and an industrial alliance unit of Shanghai Institute of Instrumentation. In recent years, it has continuously undertaken a series of Shanghai industry-university-research projects and major national scientific and technological research projects. "Tanghui Electronics" is the director unit of the Embedded Instrument and System Technology Branch of China Instrumentation Society, the Shanghai Instrumentation Society Society, and the Shanghai Instrumentation Industry Association.
Since 2015, "Tanghui Electronics" has joined hands with the China Instrumentation Society Embedded Instrumentation and System Technology Branch, the Shanghai Instrumentation Society and the Shanghai Instrumentation Research Institute to jointly host the China Intelligent Instrumentation Design Competition, which won the China Instrumentation The strong support of the Society, Shanghai Academy of Sciences and other units has attracted many well-known college students, companies and research institutes to participate in the competition. As an important step in the company's strategic development, the event will continue to be held once a year.
"Tanghui Electronics" attaches great importance to education, training and personnel training, and never forgets its mission of social responsibility and promoting the development of the industry, actively carrying out public welfare projects, promoting the development of "industry-city integration" and "industry aggregation". Two scholarships were established-the "Tanghui Electronics" inspirational scholarship (ten-year term) of Xidu Street, and the "Tanghui Electronics" scholarship (ten-year term) of Chinese Instrumentation Society.


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