About Us


Shanghai Tang Electronics Co.,Ltd. was established in 2005 (referred to as "Tang Electronics").
The Tang Dynasty was one of the most powerful dynasties in Chinese history. Today, Chinatowns and "Tang people" are all over the world, and Chinese people at home and abroad are proud of being "Tang people". "The glory of Tang people inspires future generations", hence the name of the company: "Tang Electronics"... With the help of our ancestors and our descendants, we will be down-to-earth and strive to be the first.
In recent years, "Tang Electronics" has continuously undertaken a series of national and Shanghai industry-university-research projects and major scientific research projects, and has obtained multiple patent certificates. "Tang Electronics" has made meticulous efforts in the application of "MCU + crystal ", the application of "RTC + battery/capacity ", and the application of "Gyro Sensors,IMUs
and Accelerometers" to continue to create value for customers and win the recognition of colleagues from all walks of life and even competitors. Respect and continue to make contributions to promoting the advancement of human civilization.


"Tang Electronics" is:
Shanghai High-tech Enterprise (2014 to present)
Many-year partner of China Instrument and Control Society (2016 to present)
Member unit of Embedded Instrument and System Technology Branch of China Instrumentation Society (2015 to present)
Shanghai’s “Specialized, Special and New” Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (2018 to present)
"Industrial Alliance Unit" of Shanghai Institute of Instruments and Controls, Shanghai Academy of Sciences (2014 to present)
Initiator of China Intelligent Instrument Design Competition (2018 to present)
Group member of China Instrument and Control Association (2015)


Awards won:
Shanghai Popular Science Innovation Award (2019)
China Instrument and Control Society Science and Technology Award (2018, 2020)
Shanghai Excellent Invention Award (2018, 2019)
Excellent Unit of “Respecting Teachers and Valuing Education” in Fengxian District, Shanghai (2016)
First Prize of Scientific and Technological Progress Award of China Instrument and Control Society (2023)